Prerelease team

2009-08-08 16:09:50 by henke37

As random it may sound, it is true, I did get an invitation to the Flash pre-release team. So yeah, I got access to bleeding edge software! It is too bad that I can not share any information about what features the next version will have or not, but you know the drill, standard non disclosure agreements preventing me from mentioning nearly anything related to it.

Flash updated, again

2007-12-05 13:36:23 by henke37

Adobe, the company that makes Flash released a new version of the flash players last Monday.
If you missed the last update too, you are still vulnerable to that flv vulnerability, so get the dam update this time!
Multiple browser users, don't forget to update even the minor browsers on your system, you never know.

Flash player updated

2007-07-17 17:15:59 by henke37

Adobe, the company that makes Flash and the Flash player released an update last week, be sure to do update.

It is mainly a hotfix for a parsering error in the Flash video file format. The parsering error can lead to some one executing native code with the same access as the user running the player (For windows xp users, that would be total access in most cases).
Or in stupid: you load their file, you give them your computer.

There is currently no circulating exploits, but the linked advisory provides enough info for people to create their own.

Just update, ok?

A reminder, If you upload a submission that exploits this vulnerability, you are going to be punished. While I can not speak for the staff, I would personaly have baned the account and possibly the ip address used with it, so just don't do this, ok?